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How To Keep Your Team Happy And Healthy At Outdoor Events

When taking staff outside the usual work environment, the same rules apply: they should be kept safe, and their health and wellbeing needs to be looked after. A different setting opens up an entire new landscape for potential risk factors – thankfully, these can be avoided with the right measures in place. Let us show you the best tips for ensuring the happiness and health of your team at outdoor events…

Protect the team’s skin

It’s a factor that’s often overlooked, but spending a full day outside can leave your staff exposed to damaging UV rays. Whilst they will hopefully take their own sunscreen, sunglasses and hats, you can bring plenty along to make sure no team member is at risk. On top of this, featuring instant shelters and parasols in your event setup will help dodge any potential effects further. Staff can be shielded underneath them, and they are also great at sheltering from any rainfall too – reducing the weather’s impact on health and mood.

Ensure staff wear appropriate clothing

Typical office attire is unlikely to be suitable for an outdoor event. Heels will sink into any muddy areas, and a full suit might restrict movement. You may want the team to present the brand in a professional light at the event, but give them a little leeway in how they dress. You should make sure that the clothing choices are comfortable, whilst still being appropriate for the specific event. Purchasing any custom tops or shirts would guarantee that team members make the right outfit choices, and can even double as a powerful brand awareness tool for your business.

Prevent any slip-ups

Even with the most suitable footwear, slippery ground can present a danger. Members of your team could potentially injure themselves – not a great situation for them, or for the business! This can be avoided by having the right flooring in place. Non-slip surfaces will allow staff to walk around much easier, and ensure they’re less likely to slip. Surf & Turf’s flooring is easy to clean, too, meaning muddy footprints can be quickly cleared up.

Put regular breaks in place

If the team were in the office, they would have a break, so this should also be the case when they are at events. In fact, there will probably be more talking than usual, making regular rests essential to keep up motivation, productivity and energy levels. Yawning in front of potential customers is far from ideal! If staff are on their feet all day, make sure you bring plenty of seating along – such as a Surf & Turf Director’s chair.

Designed with a 20% higher back rest, this will give your team extra support, making sure they are completely comfortable during the event. The Director’s chair also comes with the option to brand it up, as do the instant shelters and parasols. This means that not only are you investing in the health and wellbeing of your staff, you’re further boosting your business’ impact in the process. To find out about the branding options we have available, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email