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Choosing The Right Shelter For Your Business

Investing in a shelter is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Get it right, and you’ll have a sturdy, reliable and professional-looking shelter that opens up doors to events and outdoor activities. On the other hand, if you get it wrong, you could receive a shock when your shelter doesn’t deliver on expectations. To help you make the right decision first time, we’ve got some expert tips on choosing a shelter for your business. Read on to get your head around the various options available:  Trying it for size  It seems an obvious consideration, but it’s essential to bear in mind the proposed usage of your shelter, and the implications this has for size. Will your shelter include a single table for sign ups at an event, or several lined up side by side? Do you need a small square shelter, or a large rectangular one? From the Canopro Compact models to our spacious, high performance Canopro Elite, we have a variety of designs and dimensions to choose from. As you must also think about the size and weight of the shelter for storage, the former is a popular choice for small businesses, easily stored in the boot of your car.  Shelter from the elements  The unpredictability of the Great British weather is one of the key reasons why shelters are so popular in the UK. Quality shelters, like ours, should be waterproof, tape sealed and provided with a heavy duty anchor kit as standard. However, it’s not just showers you need to consider when choosing a canopy – it’s wind and even sun too. Horizontal rain, for example, can soon find its way into an open tent door, which is why many of our shelters have an optional extending rain canopy for events in exposed areas. Meanwhile, clear sides will improve visibility in your shelter, letting light in, especially important if you are exhibiting your products. Design and branding  Appearances count when competing against tens or hundreds of other businesses for attention, which makes the design and branding of your shelter an important decision along with the practical features. From Regal Instant Shelters with a majestic look and feel, to printing and branding that makes your tent stand out from the crowd, there are plenty of ways to make your shelter one of a kind, depending on your needs and budget. The devil is in the details, and that’s where bespoke options come to the fore. Shelters are a smart investment for your business, which can be used time and again for events, exhibitions and more as you gain exposure for your brand and facilitate outdoor activities with your staff and customers. Follow these tips to narrow down your options, and you’re bound to find something suitable. Surf & Turf has an extensive collection of instant shelters, tents and marquees to choose from, along with bespoke shelters and branding to suit your exact business requirements. Browse our shelters to find the perfect design for your needs, or call 01925 819608 to have a chat with our team