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How To Profit from Your Outdoor Space

A great location can do wonders for the amount of customers through your door. If you’ve got premises with outdoor space and a team bursting full of ideas, the possibilities are endless for your patio, terrace or garden area. To get the ball rolling, Surf & Turf has some expert pointers on tried-and-tested ways to profit from your outdoor space, making it impossible for passers-by to ignore you, and keeping customers coming back for more. Read on for our favourite tips… A Boards Are A-Class The classic A board should not be underestimated. It’s affordable, easy to snap up and store away, and can be entirely what you make of it. Crafty A board marketing delves into an entrepreneur’s inner psyche, which can make customers laugh, think, and rush into your store if you’re creative enough. Don’t just limit yourself to writing new deals or a slogan for your brand to adhere to. Wordplay, jokes, and simple meditations on your trade can ooze ingenuity, especially if you change them up on a daily or weekly basis. Always make them relevant to what you do though, or you’ll be at risk of appearing quirky for quirkiness’ sake. Constructing Interest Some businesses absolutely thrive on the high street, or in a regular patio area that invites consumers to take a break from their shopping and discover something new. Food company tasting days, for example, or outdoor entertainment on your terrace, will make a definite statement, enclosing customers in a special feeling they’ll take away with them. For this purpose, shelters are hard to beat. Surf & Turf stock a range of pop-up shelters that are resilient to even extreme weather, fully customisable with your logo and branding. We can provide you with the space and scope to draw in your target audience like moths to a flame.  The Umbrella Effect When encouraging customers to relax and soak up the atmosphere, parasols are an essential purchase. It’s hard not to think of Parisian cafes and long stretches of Mediterranean coastline when a bold, beautiful cluster of parasols are there for lounging under, or even just admiring. Restaurants instantly become more credible if they embrace artful, overhead shadows in a seating area. Beyond food-based businesses, parasols can boost the presence of small teams moving to and fro with their gear, allowing them to set up in a safe environment whilst attracting easy attention. Check out our range of parasols for commercial use, available in a stylish selection of colours and customised print. Following these tips will provide some relief to the thorny problem of keeping people engaged when so many marketing ploys are vying for their time, money, and loyalty. Don’t let yourself be drowned in the outdoor business arena: contact Surf & Turf for more information on how to maximise your presence, and why we can make it happen.