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4 Brilliant Accessories For Your Event Shelter

Outdoor events are brimming with opportunity for marketing-savvy brands, giving you the chance to interact with tens, hundreds or even thousands of potential customers. An instant shelter is a must-have investment for markets, shows and exhibitions, and a solid foundation for your activities whatever the weather. However, to maximise the value of your event presence, it’s a good idea to equip your stand with a few accessories that will bring your pop-up gazebo to life. Here are a few of our favourites: 1. First impressions count Showcase your brand whilst keeping clutter out of sight, by investing in some carefully placed counters to hold products, printed materials and forms for all to see. Almost every exhibitor will need a counter to accompany their instant shelter, so you’re missing a trick if you’re not using this as a marketing opportunity. Our folding counters can be customised with your individual branding, featuring a fully printed table cover to tuck away any clutter and give your stand visual impact. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor events, they are a sturdy accessory for your instant shelter. 2. Let there be light Make every moment count when exhibiting at shows and events, with LED lighting that ensures you and your customers aren’t left in the dark. When evening falls or the skies cloud over, our LED lighting systems will illuminate your instant shelter, to create an inviting setting for sign-ups, activities, demonstrations and trading, day and night. 3. Twice as much impact As your event presence grows, you might find that your once perfectly suitable instant shelter becomes a little too cramped for your activities. However, this doesn’t render your trusty old shelter redundant; by linking two or more together, you can create a bigger sheltered area when you need it. Our modular connecting kit allows you to seamlessly attach our shelter solutions together. So if you buy a second Canopro Elite 3x3m, for example, you can create a large event space at 6x3m. Complete with one of our gutter systems to ensure rain water drains away, you can easily scale your event presence up and down. 4. An overarching theme Size does matter where event shelters are concerned, but appearances count too. Whether you’re creating a hybrid shelter with one or more modules, or you simply want to make your single marquee stand out, arch doors and sidewalls are a stylish addition to your event shelter. Let the light flood through with sweeping arched windows, or create an entrance that draws passers-by in, with coloured sidewalls that can be branded with your unique designs, images or text. Building up your event marketing kit can take time – not everyone has the budget to arrive fully armed straightaway – but a little investment can pay dividends for the impact your stall has on the day. Whether you’re attending a festival, sports event, outdoor show or exhibition, take a look at our full range of shelter accessories to ensure you’re prepared for any eventuality.