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How To Combat Wet Weather At Events

You’ve set up a stall, laid out your goods and promotional materials resplendently, and ushered in the first visitors to an event that’s been on your calendar for months. Everything’s going swimmingly so far… until that description starts to get a whole lot more literal.

Bad weather is the scourge of outdoor exhibitions, and can easily torpedo your chance of holding a crowd’s attention. Our decades-long experience with shelter design has brought us up against heavy rain time and again – we give no quarter to it, and with a few of these savvy solutions, you can battle through the storm to a healthy footfall:

Safe and professional flooring

The squelch of mud is certainly unattractive for any delegates slipping under your shelter. A host of frantic feet escaping the tempest can turn your ground surface to mush, ruining the professional appearance you’ve striven so hard for.

To prepare for an onslaught of wet shoes, it’s best to have a base of floor tiles underneath your stand. Surf & Turf’s event flooring range caters for sport or business expos, removing any risk of slips, and locking your shelter on solid ground for the day. Our tiles are impeccably easy to clean, so you can wipe away stray dirt and grass.

Canopy extensions

You may be tight and cosy in your Surf & Turf Instant Shelter, but visitors might not be able to share that feeling. Your stand, for example, could be right at the lip of your shelter space, preventing anyone from coming inside and taking a gander.

To extend some generosity, purchase one of our Canopro Elite shelters with a rain-proof canopy. Although our basic shelters have a 100% water-resistant PU coating, the canopy lets these capabilities reach out a little more, so more people get succour from your shelter placement. Seeing as they’re double-stitched in areas that might encounter pressure, they won’t buckle under heavy onslaughts of rain.

Gutters for multiple shelters

Whoever said there’s strength in numbers was onto something. Setting up a couple of shelters is a great idea, regardless of the weather: the more the merrier or, in this case, the bigger impact you can land, right? Rain guttering, however, is essential to prevent water from pooling in the centre.

Our dedicated event gutters fix between two shelter models, attached to the interior material of each. We only use Velcro for these purposes, as it’s reliable in wet conditions and simple to use. Excess water from the canopies will just run right off, saving your exhibition from a debilitating downpour.

Surely, any of these will answer a potential washout with defiance – you can’t afford for the heavens to usurp you, so be prepared to fight back with our anti-rain arsenal. The only flood you deserve, after all, is that of eager expressions, handshakes, and proper developments from your event promotions.

We can get people looking your way, no matter the weather, so give us a call on 01925 819608 or send a message to the Surf & Turf team for more details on event branding, shelter design and accessories.