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Outdoor Essentials For Sports Clubs

Assembling teams of passionate sportspeople is guaranteed to give you a lot to look forward to. There’s the thrill of the game, the bonhomie of being arm-in-arm with your fellow players, and a fair share of social events to glue you ever tighter as a unit. Sometimes, you want to take these good feelings further afield with smart promotional materials. And that’s a great idea – more exposure means more interest, which can only be a good thing for your club. But how to go about it? Let us kick off your efforts with a few expert suggestions… Scoring with instant shelters and inflatables Shelter is always invaluable at outdoor events. For sporting organisations, we recommend the Canopro Elite, Surf & Turf’s adaptable, hard-wearing range of instant shelters. They can be erected in minutes, enjoying the supremely lightweight, durable fabric that’s easily transported across all kinds of terrain. For open days and exhibitions, you might like to try something more eye-catching, like the Inflatable Expo Dome. The casual, family-friendly aesthetic is bound to attract attention for your team, while offering shelter from the elements. Winning the promotions game Televised sport has taught us well about the vitality of promotional gear. Look at your average Premier League match, or the astounding number of brands that encircle a major cricket game; people are more responsive to advertising if they’re enjoying live sport, so take advantage of this truth. Cause a stir by utilising event branding, upping your mass appeal. Our Aerotex Banners are absolutely perfect for lining the flanks of a running or cycling race, whilst PVC variants suit muddy, wet conditions, like a quad bike track, canoeing event or ski jump. Parasols with another shade of brilliance If you’re involved in somewhat milder events – we’re talking ping-pong or paintballing, amongst other activities – it pays to stay protected against bad weather, and have an enforced sense of closure around the equipment you’re showing off. For these purposes, parasols can cover your promotional area with a calm, enfolding confidence. Light rain won’t be any trouble as you lead curious bystanders to the tennis table; take a peek at Surf & Turf’s Octagonal Café series, large enough to rear over small sporting expos, as well as stacks of leaflets and photo stands. Flooring the competition An oft-overlooked aspect of exhibition space is what your visitors tread over as they mill around your setup. Just think – a wet patch of ground, no matter how well your main shelter is protected, doesn’t inspire much happiness in people sloshing through the grass and mud. So, why not change that with some Sport Flooring squares? They’ll link up and provide shock-absorbent footing when it’s needed. You can form sports pitches as wide and long as you need, complete with edging to round the overall look off. We think you’re onto a winner, if you take this advice for keeps! Surf & Turf has a ton of thoroughly designed shelters, accessories and complements for your sporting event to succeed. Browse our full product range, or contact the Surf & Turf team if you have any questions – we’re mad for a knock-out performance…