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What Makes A Bloomin’ Brilliant Banner

When you’re exhibiting at an event, it’s tempting to think that a well-dressed table, shelter and team of colleagues is all you need for masterful promotion. Not so, however – the smaller wrinkles in your approach have just as much chance of solidifying intent, and giving people something to remember. At Surf & Turf, we fully believe in what banners can bring to exhibitions. They fit almost anywhere around your main attraction and can surmise your message in a striking, visual sucker-punch. But what makes a Class A banner? Well, we’re glad you asked… Every word counts Just like any promotional copy, banners have to do a lot with their limited space, and your word choice should express whatever you feel is most valuable about your brand. This isn’t just the words themselves, but how you present them: should they form a question, a call-to-arms, or a confident phrase regarding what you’ve achieved? The answer depends on what benefits you provide, and who they’re aimed at. Kid-friendly banners, for example, can get away with fun and casual phrasing. A banner hewed to the professional market, by contrast, should focus on a couple of key taglines that cut to the heart of what you do. If any words are repeating the same ideas, they’re taking up needless room. Incredible graphics The obvious drawing point for a banner display is the immediate, enrapturing look it’ll spread to your event setup. When deciding on the visual element, consider how far your banner will be from the crowd – does it need to be extremely bold to have an impact, or can it coast on a subtler tone? We recommend the former option in most situations, yet a darker, subdued finish is workable for aerotex banners, which function more as an encircling, stable presence. As such, unlike their smaller cousins, they don’t have to make every inch an eye-grabbing mural to your plus points. Well-chosen images Brands thrive off creativity. Even if you’ve landed on a great concept, one that’s given you plenty of success over the years, it can’t hurt to extend your field of imagery when banner space is begging to be filled. Images, after all, can hit us in waves of pure emotion, and that’s a powerful tool for a lingering impression to be made. Start off by getting to the bare bones of what you do. If you’re running a sports club, use photos of your members in action; if technology is your game, why not illustrate it with a visual that explains your concept? The more you can think outside of the box, whilst still remaining cogent and brand-aware, the likelier you are to get people making swift tracks to your table. Variety is the spice of great banner concepts – that’s why we offer bespoke printing, made to your requirements and visual template. We have several banner types to breeze through, all of which can lift an event to more than you imagined. Take a look at our entire, high-quality collection, or contact the Surf & Turf team to see what your voraciousness will latch onto.