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An Exhibitor’s Checklist For Indoor Events

Getting everything ready for your indoor display, whether as part of a trade show or industry conference, demands a clear mind. There’s no use in making snap decisions for your promo setup; it should cohere as one intelligent strategy, and a checklist goes some distance to making that second nature. Seeing as you may waver over what this means, Surf & Turf is here to break down some essential steps of your visual decision-making. By taking such pointers into account, you’ll be ripe and ready for every exhibition you’re faced with: Step 1 – Sky banners for a mighty impression For starters, room might be tight, but a sky banner can restore your demi-god events persona in an indoor floorplan. They fit on top of an Instant Shelter model, acting as a hanging emblem of your business, and will rear mightily tall a slew of similar exhibitions. We suggest removing the four walls from your shelter, but leaving the roof on so the sky banner can work its magic. Its printed aesthetics are totally customisable, harnessing the latest UV printing technology. Step 2 – Concise A1 poster boards Next, consider what effect a poster board might have – they’re fantastic aids for surmising your message in a couple of high-res photos, with a few bullet points dotted below. Since they’re easy to pack up and store, bring them out if you’re experiencing a slight fall in delegate numbers. They look firm and inviting when they’re right at your side, teasing people with facets of your brand that you’d be more than happy to discuss at length. Since they’re double-sided, you can place them on corners to maximise their visibility. Step 3 – A Roller banner greeting   Delegates shouldn’t just stumble upon you out of nowhere. It’s much better to create a sense of excitement, of an encroaching genius quality that your exhibition is well-placed to talk about. Roller banners are the king of the soft sell, introducing people to your brand like a valet welcoming his guests. If you manage to stand them up by a doorway or hall area, you’ll catch a lot of attendees milling through the building, getting your name out there before they’ve even caught a glimpse of your stand. Alternatively, two roller banners can form an entourage closer to home base, pointing at a 45° angle towards the centre of your table. Step 4 – Printed table covers Finally, the pièce de résistance should be right where your events team can take advantage of it. Your table design has to make a striking impact on whoever’s walking by. For any business, a simple, plain table cover won’t do – you want to seem like a dynamic professional, not a volunteer manning a bake sale. Announce your brand right away with a printed cover, decked in bright yet tasteful graphics. Surf & Turf designs tailored covers in stretch polyester; just tell us what you’re thinking of, and we’ll apply your branding to the material, in pin-sharp detail. For now, you’ll be able to get by with these visual brushstrokes on the portrait of your exhibition strategy. There are several more facets to take on board, though, and we’d be delighted to show you what they are. As your checklist grows, we’ll be there with you, urging your stand on to fantastic levels of interest. Call us today and pick our brains on the best indoor promotions, whenever you’re at a loss for the shape it could take…