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Choosing An Inflatable For Your Business

Success at an event relies on picking the right tools for your trade. Some businesses absorb certain marketing props easier than others; the world is a diverse place, and we’re committed to bringing the exact base camp for your brand personality to be realised. Inflatables are an absolute lynchpin of your event equipment. But which ones hit the magic mark for your organisation, and what do they represent? Follow us as we blow up the features and benefits of our inflatable collection: Tech-happy impact cubes Getting delegates to crowd around a screen, or try their hand at anything virtual, is tough when there’s a lot to divert their attention. For a focused reference point, set up an Impact Cube, which boxes your visitors into the demonstration you’re so passionate about. Velcro grips the structure together, the walls of which are made from PVC for dependable stability in varying conditions. The floor cover is finished in the same material, so soggy ground won’t be any trouble. The Impact Cube gives an air of exclusivity to all sorts of demos – people have to step inside to see what all the fuss is about. Domes for widespread protection Two situations spring to mind for an Expo Dome: party-style gatherings, where you’re creating a V.I.P area, and sign-up desks that require attendees to be clustered near each other. That’s because a rounded dome style offers thorough protection from biting winds and rain, letting a chill-out spot gather steam in peace. The Spider Dome Pro is exactly what we’re talking about in this case, inflating in less than three minutes. Removable panels can be taken down or erected when you want an alternately open/closed feel, and there’s a safety release valve to keep the air pressure from mounting too high. Stunning arches that mark your influence Sports, motor-based and athletic promotions are well served by a set of Inflatable Arches, laying the template for a race to kick off and finish up in style. Biking championships will gain an element of professionalism when the start/end points are towering above your spectators; the same goes for soapbox derbies, competitive running and family events. They also lead the way for anyone stumbling over your brand on the day, acting like a guiding light to the stand itself. There’s enough space on these models to have your own logo, and that of your sponsors, on the entirety of the lengthy frame. It’s pretty impossible not to have a name emblazoned in your brain when it’s rearing up above an otherwise prosaic field. Now that you’ve gotten a taste of the air these inflatables give off, it’s time to select what’ll pump your event up like nothing else. Surf & Turf can draw on decades of events marketing experience to shape the face of your organisation. Contact us to get a whole lot of amazing inflatable picks that will do your setup justice, or check out our whole collection here…