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How To Reinvigorate Your Event Stand

To the long-serving events practitioners, we salute you! We bet there’s not a hint of weariness in your attitude to promotions, conferences, and simply getting your brand heard in any capacity. However, does your event stand itself share this fortitude? Or is it looking a bit… well, on the drab side? After years of successful rounds on the promo circuit, it could be time to upgrade your shelter and events provisions, keeping them in line with your optimism. Don’t fall behind – try out some of these changes to boost that strategy… Branded walls and canopies Let’s start on a gentle note and assume your shelter frame is in ship-shape. It may be as strong as ever, able to stand over your table reliably, with the right dimensions for the indoor or outdoor space you’re slipping into. But the surrounding walls and overhead canopy could be incredibly stale by today’s design standards. Rejig your shelter materials with a bright, bespoke print on the sides, back and top. Surf & Turf can apply almost any visuals to a canopy, turning the tip of your shelter into another showcase. Even our side panels can take on the printed iconography of your choice. Fixing a hole Veteran promo kits can suffer a lot of wear and tear, but holes and rips and unacceptable in a professional instant shelter. When the rain gets in, your clientele aren’t going to be happy; after all, they flock to your event stand for a measure of protection, hoping you’ll present them with something to stick around for. Try our repair packages on for size if you’re in need of a patch up or better staking provisions, to restore an otherwise spick and span shelter back to peak condition. Extra branding accessories What’s the point of stopping at a mere shelter model? Events should be your personal playground, and every square patch of space is your chance for a ‘wow’ moment. You can employ roller banners to announce your stand, or flags that flap in the wind, reaching above the sea of low-set competitors. Fresh PVC banners, too, will symbolise your commitment to an event or some kind of sponsored challenge, with the latest synthetic designs for support. A total overhaul Now, inevitably, we come to the Crisis Stage, the DEFCON 3 of your events scenario. Footfall could as its lowest ebb, and you’re wondering why: is it the boxy, uninspired shape of your shelter? Maybe it’s the sub-par printing, or the fact that it keeps blowing away in high winds? In any case, what you have as a whole just isn’t working. Take heart in the clever events packages that are available. Start with a high-class Instant Shelter, and choose optional rain canopies and curtains that draw in either side. Lay some flooring down, preventing guests from getting wet feet. And give your logo a rethink, or at least its visual semblance on your roof, sides and table cover. It’s never too late to address any issues that have dogged you for some time. The longer you sit on a problem, the more damage it’ll do to your reputation. Hence, don’t be afraid to check out our entire events collection – Surf & Turf is the perfect rehabilitator for your ailing promo gear!