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Keep Cool And Carry On: Popular Shelter Solutions For Summer

Shelter is essential for all seasons when you’re manning an event stall. British weather is predictably unpredictable after all, and has a habit of showering us with rain in summer and beaming baking rays of sunshine upon us in autumn. The point is: you need to be prepared all year round when you’re showcasing your brand. And the best way to do that is with a superb shelter solution. Listed here are some of the very best shelter options for every kind of event, helping you stay cool and dry during the oh-so-indecisive UK summer climate, whatever temperatures might come your way. Instant shelters with integrity An instant shelter does what it says on the tin – offering sanctuary from sunshine or rain in swift, simple fashion. The fact that instant shelters can be set up so quickly is a big plus point, allowing you to get ready right away to welcome consumers. But another great thing about instant shelters is that they come in such a diverse range of shapes and sizes – which means you can find the right design for your desires and brand look. At Surf & Turf we have all kinds of pop-up gazebos and mini marquees for every occasion, ranging from high-end structures like the Regal Instant Shelter, to budget solutions like the Superlite Instant Shelter. Most designs come with waterproof and temperature controlling features, with the Canopro and Robusta models proving particularly popular for summer events. Powerful parasols Parasols fly off the shelves during the hotter months as organisations look to keep their stalls, stands, and welcome desks safe from the sun. All the parasols at Surf & Turf are versatile and strong, boasting water and UV resistant properties that render them perfect for various outdoor events in contrasting conditions (base plates are also available for soft and hard surfaces alike). Our printing and branding services allow you to create the perfect parasol and offer maximum exposure for your brand. Eye-catching inflatables If you’re looking for an offbeat shelter with a breezy summer vibe, it’s worth perusing the eye-catching range of inflatables for your event setup. From Expo Domes to Impact Cubes to Awnings, you’ll be able to find a design that fits your brand in just the right way, blurring the line between approachability and professionalism. Inflatables are best-suited for dryer occasions, but can comfortably withstand any lengthy bouts of rainfall that might descend without warning. If you’re promoting your organisation at night-time, the GYBE Inflatable Star Tent is a great choice, with an additional light column feature letting you brighten your stall with glowing LEDs to help you stand out from the competition. All these terrific shelters and more are available right here at Surf & Turf. Take a look around our website to find the solution that’s right for you and your brand, or get in touch with the team for some shelter shopping guidance.