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Whatever The Weather: Best Shelters For Every Season

Come rain, sleet or shine, there’s no stopping your event schedule. Or at least, there shouldn’t be: your business/charity/sports team has too much riding on these efforts at growing your audience. Dark clouds have no place ruining a shelter kit that’s worth your investment. Saying that, though, we don’t want to leave delegates feeling boxed in when they don’t have to be – your stand should have a bright, welcoming mood all year round. So it’s surely best to go for shelters that can do well in any weather… How do you find them? It’s a fair question, which is why the Surf & Turf team have compiled our top all-season shelter picks. Canopro Elite w/ Extended Rain Canopy Countless clients have seen what the Canopro range can do for their stability and brand presence. The frame is built from 2mm gauge aluminium, more than enough to withstand a mid-level breeze. We can customise any branding on the sides and roof – a great benefit when you consider the shelter stands over 3 metres from the ground when erected. To prepare for lashing rain, we suggest buying the canopy variant, there for extending or retracting. A 6m x 3m model (with a rain canopy, anchor kit and joint protectors) adds up to less than £800. For regular exhibitors, it’s not to be sniffed at. Robusta Compact For a smaller brand base, check out the Robusta Compact model – the clue is in the name! When this arrives, it’ll come with fully waterproof canopy attachments, so you can wall it in if there’s a shower on the horizon, or open it up when the sun’s blazing. Each of these are supported by special, reinforced zip features, and a waterproof carry bag for transport. There are bigger Robusta shelters, of course, yet we’re a fan of this more modest design for those who like to pack up and switch up in a flash. When you’re eager to de-camp for a better spot, take advantage of the quick-pull pin fixes that make this shelter a (convenient) pleasure to use. Canopro Lite Clear Don’t confuse our lite and elite designs… They’re subtly different, mostly because of the thinner aluminium legs (1.6mm for the Lite version) and, therefore, less weight when carrying it from one place to another. However, for all-season mastery, the Canopro Clear Lite has an ace up its sleeve: transparent sides that’ll show off your display piece when it’s tucked under the canopy roof! Anyone strolling past will see what you have to offer, whether it’s a jam collection, dirt bike, or any sort of towering business display. In essence, you’re able to keep the shelter light, dry and product-centric, which is key for brands that don’t want to lose any of their lustre through the day. Found a shelter on our list that’ll do the trick for your event plan? Maybe you want to see what else is on offer? Browse our online store to get the real picture of what Surf & Turf is made of…