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Shopping For A Shelter On A Budget

At some point or another, every company feels the pull of an exhibitor role. But to mingle with the brightest stars in your industry, you need the best facilities. With superb shelters, smaller fresh-faced competitors can sneak under the nose of the Big Fish and nab a fair share of exhibitor interest. For some, however, these dreams fall into a sinkhole of negative £ signs. It’s common to feel despondent at the thought of not being able to afford a good promo stand, especially when you have something to prove. So stay positive by following our advice for shelter shopping on a budget… A lighter base for your brand Surf & Turf know why shelter purchases can make you (and your bank account) quiver slightly. Some products can punch above the £600 mark, just for the basic ‘four walls’ setup needed in all-weather events. They’ll give you a canopy, a specialised steel support frame, and – if they’re worth investment – some tailored printing options. Prices and size are synonymous, in most cases. The more space you want, the greater amount you’ll be spending. A limited events budget can therefore do just as well with a modest events shelter, as long as you make it look incredible so it brings out the central promise of your brand. Ditch the larger models, then, and go for something like the Canopro Lite 2m x 3m, which starts from £305 for the standard kit. A 1.3mm aluminium-gauge frame ensures it’s robust enough for any conditions, whilst a quick-release function simplifies the setting up/taking down process. Upgrade to four printed side walls for an extra £74. In terms of another pick, we suggest the Canopro Compact 2m x 2m – it’s a few kg lighter, and folds up into a tighter shape for easy transport. Snap up the full Compact package for £369. Cost-friendly showcase accessories We’ve mentioned the aesthetics of your shelter are just as important as size or structure. With that in mind, it’s helpful to explore some low-cost branding bits and pieces that can support your main shelter at various event spots. You might start by looking at Promotional Banners, which can come in a range of shapes and printed specs. Our Oval style, for instance, is built to 1200mm x 700m proportions, available at £136. You can lay it at the immediate walkway of your exhibition area, guiding people to your stand and telling them what they have to look forward to. Or instead, drink in the possibilities of an Events Flag – again, starting at a low price for the more constrained budget. Surf & Turf flags begin at £65 (small, single-sided printing), moving up to £149 for the large double-side option. Together, these materials will furnish the creative face of your events plan, and make use of any visual stimuli you’re cooking up. By appraising the full scale of events opportunities, it’s possible to keep your heart burning with a fabulous investment prospect. Don’t let a lack of pennies take away the love, hope and tenacity of whatever an exhibition could do for your team. Browse our store for more inspiration, or call us for cost-sensitive tips and purchases.