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April Showers? Survive And Thrive With These Handy Tips

April is supposed to be the month that heralds the start of spring – and with it beautiful sunshine. Anyone who lives in the UK, however, knows that this is not always the case. Instead, year after year, we are graced with a guarantee of ‘April Showers’. This has actually been a phenomenon since 1886, caused in the most part by the position of the jet stream. However, with the increasing intensity of the UK weather meaning that storms are so bad they actually now have names, the chances of wet weather in April is even higher. Although we hope Storm Hector doesn’t greet us this month (or at all!) it is always best to be prepared, especially when it comes to exhibiting in the rain. So we’ve put together some handy tips to ensure your event can not only survive, but thrive, in the impending challenging weather conditions. Cover your exhibition Your pop-up banners, merchandise freebies, and shiny leaflets all ruined by a downpour? No, that doesn’t sound like our ideal exhibition either. At the very basic level of protection, you need to ensure your stall is covered. Surf & Turf has a variety of products that can serve these basic needs, including our Canopy Elite Instant Shelters which, as you can guess, shelter your stand from the rain. If its choice of 11 sizes isn’t enough and you require more than one shelters joined together, you can reduce the chances of a leak at the join by using our rain gutters. Ensure your kit is waterproof Although having some form of instant shelter is all well and good, if it is not waterproof a particularly heavy downpour can pose a bit of a problem. To improve your organisation’s chance of surviving an exhibition in the rain, a waterproof shelter can make all the difference. Our Canopy Elite Instant Shelters are waterproof, and there’s the option of one with an extending rain canopy too. On top of this, we have parasols that are water and UV resistant – just in case the British weather has a change of heart and decides to let the sun shine for once! Watch out for the side effects It is not just simply rain showering on your exhibition that you have to worry about. Wet weather can also have side effects on the ground, particularly if it’s been pouring down for a while before you arrived to set your stand up. Stepping in slippy mud isn’t something anyone wants to do, especially at exhibitions when we’re often wearing our best shoes. You certainly wouldn’t want visitors to remember your stall as “that one where our shoes got ruined”, would you? To combat this, you can get flooring for your exhibition. We provide ground layer tiles with non-slip surfaces, meaning any visitors (even those with already wet shoes) won’t have any safety concerns about approaching your stand. This is ideal for your organisation’s peace of mind, and may also be the deciding factor for potential customers in choosing your stall over another’s. Exhibiting in the rain doesn’t have to turn into a downpour of events if you have the right kit. Aside from the mentioned products, Surf & Turf have even more of a variety to help with your chances of exhibition success. Get in touch on 01925 819608 or email to find out how we can support you.