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How To Bootstrap Your Event Marketing Plan

When looking at the budget for your event marketing plan, it may be tempting to simply cut down on costs by dropping certain types of promotion altogether. However, a reduction in marketing can negatively impact the success of your event. Instead of going down this route, you can lessen the costs in other ways. We’ve put together money-saving advice that’ll bootstrap your event marketing plan for the better. Negotiate before purchasing Discover better prices for your products by shopping around. Suppliers you’ve used previously may not be offering you the greatest value for money, so ask for quotes from a few different vendors. Ensure you’re aware of precisely what they’re providing – is custom branding included in the price of your parasol, for example, or will it cost extra? It’s also a good idea to negotiate before the business’ bank card has left your hand; even small discounts from each supplier could result in significant savings as a whole. Buy items rather than hiring If this isn’t the only event you’ll be attending in the near future, it may be more cost-effective to purchase exhibition kit instead of hiring it. If you opt for custom printing, ensure a rebrand, or a change in crucial details such as website address, won’t be happening anytime soon. Although buying products may cause you to go outside your budget in the short term, spreading the costs over multiple events will allow you to cut costs majorly in the long run. Purchase package deals and in bulk It may be that you’re purchasing several items from the same supplier, and so buying in bulk or a package deal may be cheaper. Or perhaps the event organiser could be working with their own suppliers to offer deals that could reduce your costs substantially. These deals often offer a diverse range of items for your event kits – Surf & Turf has various packages available that include not only instant shelters, but other equipment such as sidewalls and flags. Packages like these provide you with all the necessary promotional tools at a discounted price. Get interest-free credit For startups in particular, purchasing items rather than hiring or buying in bulk can affect a business’ short-term cash flow. Instead of thinking ‘we can’t afford this’, you could buy items on credit. Ideally this would be interest-free, reducing the risk of costs ballooning in the future. Surf & Turf offer interest-free credit on all our event kit, meaning you can enjoy the benefits of promotional products without worrying about unaffordable repayments. [More details] With Surf & Turf, you can bootstrap your event marketing plan without compromising on the necessities. To find out more about our interest-free credit or available package deals, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email