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How To Prepare Your Event Kit For Storm Season

There’s nothing worse than the weather report warning that a storm is on its way, just before you head off to set up for your event. It seems there’s no avoiding them suddenly occurring when we least expect (or want!) them to – even the summer of 2018 couldn’t escape Storm Hector.   No event month is safe from these extreme weather conditions. So, it’s best to ensure your kit is prepared for every eventuality.

Pick products with multi-functionality

Events that are traditionally held outside are often taken under cover due to destructive gales and brutal rain. The event kit you choose will need to suit both locations, just in case. Check the features of the products. Inflatables work well both indoors and outdoors, as do flags. Whilst parasols are fantastic for maximising your organisation’s impact, they may look a little bizarre when up inside. But perhaps that suits your brand’s fun personality!  

Keep kit protected in transit

Even if you’re not exhibiting at outdoor autumn events, like markets, your products can still be at risk of damage. Simply transporting them from a vehicle to an indoor location can expose your kit to the elements. This risk can be minimised, thankfully. Shelter cover bags can be used to protect the frame and canopy from adverse weather. In addition, during off season, they are great for ensuring your instant shelter doesn’t get damaged whilst in storage.  

Shield yourself as much as possible

If your outdoor event hasn’t been cancelled, it’s time to think carefully about what you’ll need to exhibit. Your kit should incorporate items that shelter you and any attendees from the rain or wind. There’s a range of instant shelters available that don’t just provide cover, but are waterproof too. The Canopro Lite even has an extending rain canopy, offering additional protection if required. Our shelters are also constructed from aluminium, so they will prove strong in the face of any winds.

Add accessories for extra armour

To have complete peace of mind that your event setup will stay stable even when the wind is attempting to blow it over, invest in accessories. Stackable weights keep your instant shelter pinned in place, and banners can be secured with ground bars. Substantial rainfall doesn’t pose a threat either with the right accessories in place. Heavy-duty gutters are fantastic for minimising the risk of leaks between multiple shelters.

Patch-up products with a repair kit

Unfortunately, there are situations where the UK weather is so severe that it gets the better of event kit. But luckily, there are products available that can get your setup back to its best. Surf & Turf’s repair kit comes with a hammer, combination spanner and allen key with cross point screw driver. So, if the wind causes an instant shelter to topple over, or harm to an inflatable, it can be swiftly fixed. With these specific items in your arsenal, your event kit will be readily prepared for any storm season. Our products are long-lasting too, meaning you’re covered year after year. To learn more about Surf & Turf’s storm-combatting kit, get in touch on 01925 819608 or email