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Grey Skies? How To Let The Light In At Inside Events

The clocks have gone back, but there’s no preventing the dark commute in the morning and the even darker commute back. Exhibitions at this time of year can be a drab affair, where garish warehouse lights are all you see every day. But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Surf & Turf, we have a wide range of products that can illuminate the event space. Here’s just a selection of those that will draw crowds to your stand and cast a shadow over the competition.

LED rechargeable strip lighting

Our unobtrusive rechargeable LED strip lights can last up to 16 hours without charge, making it the perfect illumination tool. With no ultraviolet or infrared light harming your visitors’ eyes, you can easily hang this from the ceiling of your stand using built-in magnets and host prospects all day long. The real benefit of this piece of kit is that it doesn’t rely on a power outlet. More often than not, exhibitions and events will charge for power accessibility. With our rechargeable strip lighting, you will save hundreds annually in exhibiting costs and your brand will be emblazoned in the minds of all who interact with you.

3-way LED mains lighting

If you’re battling the gloomy weather and you need some firepower to reel in your audience, then our high quality 3-way LED mains lighting is second to none. With its low-usage adjustable lights, this tool unveils your event setup like no other. Equipped with a clamp that is designed to easily attach to the centre pole of any of our Instant Shelters, this product provides a 120-degree lighting source. You will need to request access to the mains, but it is a guaranteed avenue to brand recognition.

Brightly coloured printing

To truly compliment your light fixtures, you need a colour scheme worth focusing on. We not only supply shelters, banners and accessories, but our in-house graphic designers can also print your branding on them to your exact specifications. All aspects of the shelter can be printed upon, inside and out. And, if you need new artwork, we have the expertise to help create that for you. Our three main categories of printing are: Thermo press printing – We print and cut vinyl and then heat-press it onto pre-stitched canopies. This is the most cost-effective and timely method of printing, and is ideal for text and logos. Dye-sublimation – The material is printed on prior to stitching using the latest in dye-sublimation technology. There is no limitation to colour or branding with this method, so if you really want to set your stall alight then this is the option for you. Traditional screen printing – This is the best choice for cost-effective large orders, due to the low print cost but high set-up fee. With our products, you’ll be remembered as the beacon of your industry after any indoor event. Get in touch on 01925 819608 or email to find out how we can support you.