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How To Use Customised Prints Efficiently

An exhibition requires spark. It doesn’t matter if thousands of attendees are marching through the event halls, if they don’t already know you, it can be difficult getting them to engage.


Visually signposting your offering through branding can help any delegate walking by instantly connect with your service – assisting your event team in the process.


We understand that it can be tricky to distil your brand into custom prints without a marketing expert. So we’ve written this guide to using them effectively.


Choose a format that suits you


Firstly, it’s important to understand – depending on the promotional item you’re choosing – that there are three main types of printing. These include:


  • Thermo Press Print – Ideal for text or logo designs, here we print and cut vinyl before heat pressing it onto pre-stitched materials. Want an affordable, quick turnaround? This is the avenue for you.


  • Dye-Sublimation – Want photographic images? Dye-sublimation means there is no limitation on colours or design. This is the choice for those wanting high-quality imagery across their branding.


  • Traditional Screen Printing – If you’re after something niche, this method allows our in-house team to work entirely to your specification. Due to the high set-up fee, this is a better option for those making large orders.


Once you’ve decided on the format of your custom prints, the next stage is to align it alongside your branding so that your event team are clearly displaying one distinct, coherent message.


Match products to the branding


You can’t expect people to immediately recognise your offering, so choose promotional material that matches the emotion you’re trying to elicit or the need you’re hoping to fulfil. A paintballing organisation, for example, might opt to convey the same sense of excitement in their marketing as that which can be found in the activity.


So don’t strictly rely on traditional advertising techniques. Use Teardrop or Aerotex banners to illustrate your unique approach. In this way, it’s not just your event team that are convincing audiences of your value – your prints are doing the same.


Combine this with your general marketing collateral for a cohesive presence. Make sure everything from your business cards to your outfit illustrates exactly what sets you apart from your competitors.


Choose a printing partner that gets your brand


To showcase your brand in the way it deserves, you need to partner with an organisation that understands you – a partner who will effectively translate the USPs of your business into visually striking imagery.


In addition, choose a company that has an assortment of promotional material which you can print on so you’re not restricted by a small product selection. Whether you’re best suited to flags, banners or instant shelters, be confident in both the quality and variety that the partner offers.


At Surf & Turf, we specialise in giving you the freedom to design products to your exact specifications – without compromising on quality. Working with our team will help to illuminate your offering in a way that resonates with your target audience.


Interested in maximising the success of your events? Get in touch with our team today! We’re certain we can create custom prints that are capable of making an impact.

A quality gazebo for an event
A quality gazebo for an event