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Hosting COVID-safe events in 2021: Here’s what you need to know

The end of the UK lockdown is closer than ever, and with more than a year of Covid-19 restrictions behind us, everyone’s excited about the return of live events. 

And if you’re in the industry, the prospect of in-person events means more than getting stuck into the summer fun; it’s your livelihood. But there’s a lot more to think about than just showing people an awesome time this year…

Whether you’re a seasoned sporting event pro, a brand new food festival creator, an arts entertainment host, or you’re running any other sort of live event, you need to make sure it’s Covid-safe by getting the right instant shelters and inflatable gazebos and managing crowds correctly. 

But it can be done. And let’s kick off with even more good news:

Putting COVID-safe measures in place at your event

Events venues and creators bringing back live events this year need to put additional health and safety measures in place to make sure it’s COVID-compliant. 

Remember, your safety checklist will be different depending on the type of outdoor event you’re hosting. For example, a sit-down classical music concert will require different safety measures to a food festival, but always considering the following eight points will help make sure crowds are managed and your staff and attendees stay safe:

  • Use timed entry slots 

Mange the flow of people and avoid unnecessary crowding by setting up timed entry slots for attendees. By giving your guests different times to arrive (even just a few minutes apart) you’re going to help stagger entry and stop people from all being in the same place at the same time. 

  • Use multiple entrances and exits 

Depending on the size of your event, it might be possible to use a number of entrances and exits, so use appropriate signage like printed promotional banners to show people where to go, which will help to minimise crowding. 

  • Install hand sanitiser dispensers at the entrance

Yes, it’s a sign of the times (and sure, not very rock and roll if you’re hosting a music festival!), but hand sanitising is going to be here for the foreseeable. Our Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser lets people sanitise touch-free before they enter the event—perfect for any businesses using our pop-up instant shelters. 

  • Set up sanitising stations

And the sanitising game is still on once attendees are inside. Set up professional and personalised hand sanitising stations throughout your event to keep your staff and punters safe. 

  • Create space for socially distanced queues 

If you’re running an event with a number of suppliers, such as a food festival, make sure all the different instant shelters and pop-up gazebos are far enough apart that the people queuing up can stay socially-distanced. 

  • Use a one-way system

You know the score. Whether you’re working your way to the checkout in a supermarket or trying to get to the outdoor bar at your local’s beer garden, one-way systems are where it’s at to avoid crowding.  

  • Spread out seating 

And if it’s a sitting down affair, you must make sure your attendees have enough space between them. This might mean reducing the number of tickets you sell, and increasing the length of the event to allow for people to attend at different times, but seated guests need more space this year.

  • Deep clean shelters 

Always deep-clean your kit before you let the public into an event in the current climate—and afterwards too, especially if your event is going to last for more than one day. Use antibacterial spray or wipes to wipe down your instant shelters, tables and chairs. It’s a simple step that will help everyone stay safe.