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The gazebos and custom banners you need for outdoor sporting events

If you’re an event organiser, you might be getting in the sporting spirit in a couple of ways over the next few months by hosting:

  1. Live outdoor sporting events
  2. Outdoor screenings of sporting events

How to source the right equipment for your outdoor sporting event

Whether you’re hosting a live action sporting event or you’re throwing a cinema-style screening, you’re going to need to need to get organised with all the right kit and promotional gear to make sure your event is both Covid-safe and super-successful. 

Here are your essentials:

Inflatable pop-up gazebos and shelters

You know the score here in the UK—the weather is temperamental, and you need your kit to do more than just welcome your guests and make your event look nice, you need it to withstand the elements, come rain or shine. 

Our inflatable pop-up gazebos and shelters are light in weight but hardcore in bad weather—but go for a pop-up gazebo with sides if you want to err on the side of caution when the forecast is warning that there’ll be rain.  

Banners and promotional flags 

You want people to remember more than what they were watching at your event—you want them to remember the fantastic company that made that day or night possible

Get your brand out there with personalised promo flags and custom banner printing so that your sporty screening or event showcases you as the go-to company for outdoor occasions.

Custom inflatable arch 

If you’re hosting the live action real deal, be it a professional competition or a local race, you’re going to be in the market for a strong finish line with an impressive inflatable arch. 

From marathons to motorsports to community sports days, custom branded inflatables are a clear sign of success—both for your business and the winner beating the rest through the arch while the crowd cheers on their victory. 

Don’t forget the accessories… 

It’s easily done, but we’ve got you covered—literally. Check out our range of accessories, with everything from gazebo and shelter side walls to table covers, exhibit chairs to gazebo weights

Keeping your event Covid-safe 

You might be weary of the rules and regulations now, but hosting events is all about being responsible, especially in the current climate, so keep going with your Covid health and safety measures to make sure your guests, staff and business stays safe. 

We’ve recently put together a guide on how to host Covid-safe events, including advice on social distancing, sanitising stations and cleaning your inflatables and shelters, so you can use this as a Covid checklist when planning your event.

There are a lot of sporting events coming up. Here’s a quick round-up of some of the major sporting events still on the cards in 2021 that the nation will want to watch on the big screen…

Your 2021 sporting events calendar

  • Tour de France, 26 June–11 July
  • Tokyo Olympics, 23 July–8 August 
  • British & Irish Lions tour to South Africa, 3 July–7 August
  • The Open, 15–18 July, Royal St George’s, Kent
  • Tokyo Paralympics, 24 August–5 September, Japan
  • Women’s Rugby World Cup, 18 September–16 October, New Zealand
  • Rugby Lead World Cup, 23 October–27 November, England
  • The Ashes, 22 November–14 January, Australia

If you’re looking for gazebos, shelters and accessories for an outdoor sporting event, check out our range of products today