• Sand Bag

Gazebo Shelter Sand Weight


Manufactured from robust PVC material with an open filling point at the top of the bag.

  • Approximately 30kg when full
  • Strong PVC loops used to secure to shelter or double as a carry handle
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Sold individually, however one per leg is recommended

About Our Gazebo Shelter Sand Weights

Constructed out of heavy-duty PVC this gazebo water weight is one of the most compact options for keeping your shelter firmly on the ground.

Very similar to our – Sandbag Gazebo Leg Weights it folds down into an easily portable size.

But when fully filled with sand will add approximately 30kg of grounding support to your gazebo.

With our high-quality PVC loops – they act as either loop to go around the legs of your gazebo or carry handles.

Easily filled through the top and ultra-portable this is certainly a popular option.

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