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Canopro Air Event Tent

Modern inflatables, inspired by kite-suring technology.

Rise above the crowd with cutting-edge inflatables that combine beautiful aesthetics with strong, resilient design. We’re proud to introduce our Canopro Air Event Tent, manufactured to the highest industry standards from ripstop Dacron material. Our Canopro Air Event Tents harness kite-surfing technology, making them lightweight, easy to use yet incredibly durable, giving your business wow factor at outdoor events, shows and exhibitions.

Why Choose Canopro Air Event Tents?

Modern Aesthetics The most advanced inflatable shelter on the market, our high quality Canopro Air Event tents bring modern kite-surfing technology into the heart of your event.

Maximum Mobility With a lightweight design and no ridged frame to worry about, these event tents pack down to a compact size that fits into a convenient rucksack carry case.

Extreme Durability Made from a high-performance Dacron shell, GYBE tents are incredibly strong and perforation resistant, giving you a lasting investment.

Fully Customisable Choose from a variety of customisation options, including colours and a full print service, to make your Canopro Air Event Tent one of a kind.

Modular Design Grow your event presence by connecting multiple tents together. These versatile tents feature modular design, with numerous sizes available.

Multiple Options Design a shelter that’s perfect for your business by choosing from multiple options for the Canopro Air Event tents, including joining panels, awnings, windows and arch doors.

What’s Included – Inflatable tent and roof canopy – Back pack carry case – Dual action hand pump, electric pump (upgrades available), – Guy ropes – 4 x water bag weights, large stakes and small pegs.

Lead time

From order our lead time is just 14 days.

Starting from £1,025


  • 3m x 3m
  • 4m x 4m
  • 5m x 5m
  • 6m x 6m
  • 7m x 7m
  • 8m x 8m


  • Manufactured using rip-stop Dacron
  • Inner PVC bladder
  • Over inflation security valves
  • D-rings on all walls
  • Reinforced PVC on feet
  • Multiple securing points




  • Heavy Duty ruck sack
  • 240v Electric pump
  • Double action hand pump
  • Pegs and tie down ropes
  • Repair kit
  • 4 x Water bag weights


  • Battery pump
  • Up-graded industrial mains pump
  • Front awning
  • Connector pieces for multiple domes
  • 30kg PVC water bags weights
  • Window and door walls
  • Front awning zip in banner
Complete Package Weight Packed Dimensions (approx) Entrance Height Total Height Leg Diameter
3m x 3m 34kg 55 x 47 x 61cm 1.9m 2.4m 23cm
4m x 4m 37kg 55 x 47 x 61cm 2m 2.7m 26cm
5m x 5m 48kg 75 x 65 x 50cm 2.5m 3.3m 33cm
6m x 6m 67kg 75 x 65 x 60cm 3m 3.9m 40cm
7m x 7m 69kg 75 x 65 x 60cm 3.2m 4.7m 40cm
8m x 8m 72kg 75 65 60cm 3.6m 5.4m 45cm