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Instant Event Package


Get quite literally the full package by colouring a multitude of event products with the unique shades of your brand. Cover the material with full-size photos or apply matching Pantones to lend it your distinctive character.

Both the Canopro Elite and Canopro Lite defend from any weather conditions, whilst providing the perfect screening to drive your story home for your audience. Additionally, the four digitally printed sidewalls will broadcast your messaging to the masses.

You’ll flag up your brand to all attendees with two customisable feather or teardrop flags included. Coming in a choice of bases, they’ll stay determinedly put, as will the shelter – with a heavy duty anchor kit and sandbag weights also forming part of the package.

This all-in deal will create a visual impact that extends your exposure for far longer than the stretch of the event. For maximum impact, this is the package for you.


  • Canopro Elite or Canopro Lite Instant Shelter complete package
  • Unlimited digital printing and free design for the canopy
  • 4 x full sidewalls, with single-sided digital printing and free design
  • 2 x medium feather or teardrop flags with choice of bases: ground spike, Vario Drill, cross base with water bag, car stand base, wall mount or the Instant Shelter bracket
  • Heavy duty anchor kit, consisting of marquee stakes and cam adjusted straps
  • Sandbag weights