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PVC Mesh Banners


Our custom printed PVC mesh banners through tiny perforations are designed to minimise wind effects, reduce weight and allow for easier transport.

The PVC Mesh banners are reinforced via their hemmed edges and finished with high-quality eyelets or sleeves depending on the application.

With 17 sizes to choose from – no matter the use – our Custom mesh banners are a perfect choice.

If requiring sizes outside of the dropdown range or buying in bulk – just contact our sales team and we will support you.

Light, Weather bearing and easy to transport – our Custom PVC Mesh banners are perfect for outdoor use but also ideal for indoor promotion.

We’re so confident that we offer a 12-month warranty – to ensure you have peace of mind.

With our advanced perforation technology – we’re able to perfectly blend your branding or messaging whilst allowing air to flow freely through our micro-perforations.

We work on the optimal level of 70:30 which means 70% is PVC mesh banner and the 30% is air-filtering perforations.
Using the latest in PVC polyester technology that like our standard PVC banners are rip-resistant, waterproof and UV-resistant to avoid any fading or discolouration.

We offer full bespoke mesh banner printing – so if you have any questions about your design our team will help you throughout the process.

Other Banners Available to You:

Our Full promotional banner range can be found here key items such as cafe screens and roller banners 

What are your mesh banners made out of?

Our mesh banners offer a 70:30 ratio of PVC mesh weave. What this means that 30% are the holes and 70% is the actual PVC Mesh Banner surface. The PVC Mesh banner material is a PVC coated polyester thread that is both durable and flexible.

How long will my printed mesh banner last?

With good care with sunlight and wind with proper fixings, it should last you a good few years. We offer a years warranty that should give you peace of mind should anything go wrong.

Can I have a custom print on both sides?

As most applications are to be fixed to walls, fences or some form of an object. Out printing it strictly one-sided.

Do I have to have eyelets on my banner?

Whilst eyelets are the most common requirement, we also offer a sleeve option that allows for poles to be passed through.

Simply select you don’t want eyelets and the rest will take care of itself.

What are the standard-sized banners?

10m x 1m
10m x 2m
1m x 1.5m
1m x 1m
2m x 1.5m
2m x 2m
3m x 2m
3m x 1.5m
4m x 1.5m
4m x 1m
4m x 2m
5m x 1m
5m x 2m
6m x 1.5m
Can I order a size outside of what you offer?

We are happy to work with you on whatever your requirements are – just get in touch with our sales team and we’ll figure something out.

Surf & Turf PVC Mesh Banners are covered by a 12 month manufacturers warranty. Terms and conditions apply.